Not rendering Markdown

After following the tutorial here the resulting webpage markdown is not being rendered. The text is simply showing up in a line.

Literally, following the tutorial line by line and creating the following post named

title: "My First Post"
date: 2019-11-26T01:34:47-06:00
draft: true

# One fish

## Two fish

- red fish
- blue fish

renders the following text in a strict line with no formatting:

One fish Two fish red fish blue fish

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Can you please put up the website somewhere for us to check? It would be of interest what exactly the HTML output of the rendered code is, not what you see.

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Same here. I followed the quick start tutorial. I applied the Fresh theme. I added a post with markdown and named Did you figure out the problem?

Here is

title: "First"
date: 2020-01-19T12:49:31-05:00
draft: true

** This is a post

It contains stuff about things

same same.

@davidsneighbour, shows the issue. I used the hugo-fresh theme (StefMa/hugo-fresh), and followed instructions in its README.

Here’s what I’ve done to get here:

  • Repo created in GitHub and cloned to local.
  • hugo new site static-hugo-fresh-default --force
  • cd static-hugo-fresh-default
  • git clone themes/hugo-fresh
  • rm config.toml
  • copied hugo-fresh/master/exampleSite/config.yaml
  • hugo new posts/
    And added the MD content you see.

Strangely, links in the markdown seems to render fine.

Had a look at the HTML as you suggested and have a feeling it’s CSS-related. This theme uses Bulma. I’m no CSS expert, so will do a bit more digging.
Thanks in advance

The issue with hugo-fresh got fixed now.

The issue was related to how hugo-fresh uses BULMA. See