Individual post pages are not rendered with new hugo version

Hi everyone,

I ported a theme to hugo but recently, some users have had issues with individual post pages not being rendered by Hugo.

hugo -v gives me this:

INFO 2017/10/25 15:02:05 found taxonomies: map[string]string{“tag”:“tags”, “category”:“categories”}
WARN 2017/10/25 15:02:05 [en] Unable to locate layout for “page”: [posts/post.html.html posts/post.html _default/post.html.html _default/post.html theme/posts/post.html.html theme/posts/post.html theme/_default/post.html.html theme/_default/post.html]

I haven’t updated the theme in a while so I assume it is because something changed with recent Hugo versions and I’m not quite sure what to fix myself… There is a github issue on this here so other themes also have the same issue, it seems, but no fix was mentioned. Any other theme developers know how to fix this?

Thanks a lot!

The person with the issue likely migrated form a system that added layout: "post", and that means it needs to find the template in the lookup order to render that page.

This isn’t a problem with Hugo, it is the expected behavior. It is unfortunate that migration scripts sometimes adds the layout to the content, but that can be worked around by either removing that front matter, or copying the appropriate single.html template to a location in the single page lookup order.

Please pass this along to the person having trouble.