Front page external markdown links


Markdown links (title) don’t render at all on my front page, but they do when I click on the individual posts. I’ve seen other Hugo blogs with links rendered correctly on the front page. What am I doing wrong? I’ve tried with multiple themes

@mattslc in terms of questions like these, you have two approaches that will yield better results:

  1. Include sample code in you support question
  2. (Even better if possible), include a link to a hosted repository for your source (usually Github)

Otherwise, it’s nearly impossible for anyone on the forum to figure out what you might be “doing wrong.”

@rdwatters thanks for the reply and suggestions.

Here’s a link to the md file of the post in question:

If you go to you’ll notice that markdown links to hugo and the octopress theme aren’t rendering, but if you click on the “migration” post they render just fine. I just want the hyperlinks to appear on the front page too. Thanks again for the reply.

If you do not select a summary, Hugo takes the first 70 words. Unfortunately it does not render them as markdown.

You can manually add the <!--more--> tag at the end of your post (in case of the debut post if you want all of it to be seen on the front page) or where you want the summary to end to fix this.

I have talked more about this in the theme page:

If you find bugs with the theme (and I think there will be) please open an issue on github or message me.

I added the more tag and it works great! Thanks for your help and your great theme.

Glad you liked it. I am going to experiment a bit to see if I can fix this behavior in the theme.