Looking for suitable beginner-ish friendly issues to contribute

I am a beginner to Hugo community and would like to make some code contributions.

Regarding the issue list, it seems that the open and unassigned issues are often in reality either done/closed or assigned to someone.

As the forum is active, could I ask help for pointing out some possible issues that are doable for beginner contributors?

Many thanks in advance.


Not really. Bep sometimes assigns a label for first issues, but getting hints via the forum what issue would be a good one to work on won’t bring much. Something helpful is always trying to re-create issues that people with less “programmers mind” create. The issue needs to be understood to be solved.

Other than that: How about contributing to the documentation instead?

Hi @carasue, and welcome here!

The main Hugo repository isn’t the best place to start I guess, as the issues are numerous and the few devs too busy.

What about starting to contribute to a theme?

What do you want to see improved / what would you like to work on?

Example / shameless plug: I was missing a tool to find the right Hugo theme, with the right features.
I’ve scaffolded jamstack.club, learned a lot on the way, and hopefully provided something useful to the community (I’m now ready to welcome new contributors BTW :wink: )

So I would recommend you to:

  • find a problem / missing feature
  • check if someone is working on it
  • talk to the dev / community
  • fix it
  • release
  • enjoy!
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The sidebar CSS was broken about two days ago. Good to see it is fixed.