What issue to begin to help?

I would like to help in this excellent project, and I assume it will be nice for me to learn the Go language.

Actually I am a former developer and have an engineering formation. I already made some (minor) things on my github account.

What easy issue would you advise me in order to start? I was thinking about this one, for example. But I do not know whether it is easy ^^

Thank you by advance.

Issue #796 will be a tough one simply because of the security concerns. I don’t know that 796 is the best place to start if you don’t know Go.

Other than that, check the “please contribute” label on Github issues. Look back into the issue archives.

Besides looking at the open issues, perhaps you can also learn from jumping into pull requests since it shows how other people translated issues into code. This pull request, for example, seems to be 95% done.

@lebarde thanks for the interest in helping out.

The significant improvements we did in the test area in 0.17 should make it easier to contribute (safety net). The issue backlog, however, needs improvements as to labels etc., but I think there should be issues there to pick (and not the issue you mentioned).

We will do some backlog cleanup to make it easier to navigate.

@moorereason thanks for the ideas. The labels are very clear, also the labels exp-beginner, exp-intermediate and exp-expert. I like that! I don’t know whether it is a new usage but this is encouraging for some people like me :slightly_smiling:

I have started to dive into issues and how they have been managed (pulls and so on).

@bep thanks for the ideas. The labels are well set and are nice to enter the hugo world. Actually I looked at the issue 1313 and how you came back from ERROR to WARN. I will go on on Github!