How to contribute code as a newbie?

I’ve been reading similar posts on the forum, but they are many years old, and the helpful issue labels mentioned in them are no longer in use (atleast for the active issues on GH as of this post). I am a beginner, so my knowledge is limited in both the language and the project, so I would greatly appreciate some pointers as to how to look for simpler issues and get started.



The up-to-date contributing guidelines are at the main GitHub repo:

I’ve read the guidelines, but my problem is I don’t know how to find the issues I can contribute to. The guidelines are more along the lines of how to submit my code, but I’m currently at the stage of “where do I begin”?

If you know Go then read the issues in the Hugo repository. If not, then have a look at the open issues in the documentation repo and help with that.

I’ll try looking again then, thanks :smiley:

Good question.

I have now created a new GitHub label, there is only one issue in it for now – but I will think about this, the point being that it should contain issues that are fairly isolated and easy to understand:

Please ask questions in the issues, also shout if you’d like to implement something.


Thank you, really appreciate it!

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