Latest version on Ubuntu

I would like to use the latest version on Ubuntu, however apt-get tells me that I already have the latest version. The repo is showing the latest version to be 0.15.

Any eta on when 0.16 will be available?

@anthonyfok would know.

Sorry for the delay. I am still working on it, taking longer than I had expected to refresh the Go library packages that Hugo depends on, but I am almost there. ETA: Hopefully before Saturday? :slightly_smiling:

The repo is showing the latest version to be 0.15.

Actually, the version in the Debian repository is 0.16-DEV as of 2016-04-27, so while it is not the officlal 0.16 release, it is pretty close and likely has most if not of the features of 0.16, minus some bug fixes. :wink:

As of 2016-06-12 10:30am UTC, Hugo v0.16 has been accepted into Debian repository. (Yay!)
However, it will take some more hours yet (perhaps even a day or two), for it to be compiled for various architectures, and to propagate to Debian mirrors, and to and Ubuntu mirrors.

Thank you for your continued patience!

I changed my mind: I think making the .deb files available on GitHub is still a good idea. :slight_smile:
If you are running 64-bit version of Ubuntu on an Intel/AMD CPU:

  • md5sum: f5d4cdd88ef3ce0500d4053131e169d5
  • sha1sum: a88392a72ca0a7f8aa3d0e88e190e0b0e619cf42
  • sha256sum: 70188ccce62fae39c2ae01b0ad0dafda9a0af4d643824e7d16f84b883451a0cd