Cant get latest version of hugo

I have installed hugo manually and then tried using apt-get method on my ubuntu machine and server. This is what I get

Hugo Static Site Generator v0.16-DEV BuildDate: 2016-02-06T22:44:17+05:30

I assume the latest version is 0.20. Any clue why can’t i get it?

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Read through the installation docs. For instance, it will tell you about the Hugo releases page.

You haven’t given enough information to troubleshoot your issue. So you need to follow the instructions in the installation docs, and if you run into an issue you will need to explain all the steps you took, which method for installing you were using, and the error messages you get. And you will need to do this for one installation method at a time. :slight_smile:

hey there,
The problem is, if i use apt-get OR download a tarball, its installing version 0.16 for some reason and not the latest one.

I just tried “snap install hugo”. That seems to be installed 0.26. But now I am getting permission errors. Can you please let me know which directories i can use to make the site if its installed via snap?

I got hugo installed using “snap”. Still not sure why apt-get would install older version.

If you’re on Ubuntu the official repositories are maintained by Canonical.

On Debian Unstable, there is Hugo 0.25.1 that is a fairly recent version. See this thread:

Also read the previous replies of the linked thread as there is a limitation with the Hugo snap that you probably need to know.

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Just a quick follow up:

The Debian packaging of Hugo 0.28 (was 0.26, 0.27 and 0.27.1) is delayed because one of the newer dependencies, namely, golang-github-jdkato-prose, is pending manual review by the Debian FTP masters.

It was my fault because my initial upload was missing some important copyright information, and so the Debian FTP masters had to reject my first upload. However, there must be a major backlog of new packages as they still haven’t had the time to review my second upload.

As for @nishant: Unless you are running the very latest Ubuntu-in-development, i.e. the future 17.10 (artful), you are unlikely to get the latest Hugo version by running apt-get install hugo. See

(I bet you are running Ubuntu 16.04LTS “xenial” where Hugo 0.15+git20160206.203.ed23711-1 corresponds to the Hugo 0.16-DEV that you are seeing.)

You are welcome to download the version currently packaged for the future Ubuntu 17.10 “artful” manually, which would get you Hugo 0.25.1-2.

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