How to find latest version of Hugo compatible with my Go version x.xx.xx?

Is there a documentation which lists this? Currently I am looking for Hugo version which is compatible with go1.15.14 (linux/amd64).

Hugo supports the two latest minor releases of Go. Today, that means Go 1.17 and 1.16. The last Hugo release to officially support Go 1.15 is v0.87.0.

Correction: Thanks to @jmooring’s comment below for pointing this out: the last Hugo release to build with Go 1.15 was v0.80.


Note that his is if you want to build Hugo from source.

If you want to run a precompiled binary, you don’t need go installed unless you want to pull in modules via Hugo Modules, and even then go1.15 will work fine with “all Hugo version”.

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