Semantic Web for Hugo v1.1.0

(original post deleted, no longer relevant as of 2021-11-13)

Latest release: v1.1.0: ᜐᜎᜋᜆ᜔ (salamat) - 2021-11-15

What’s New from v1.0.0 “감사합니다 (gamsahabnida)”

  • fix: missing stylesheet
  • fix: missing shortcode for images
  • new: Vimeo support for Type:VideoObject via video shortcode
  • new: Documentation website
  • misc: Other BTS updates


Feel free to leave feedback here or over on the project repo. :slight_smile:



Hello @techmagus this looks really cool.

I had the same problem and ended up with this post : manage-easily-any-seo-schema-org-thru-your-different-sites. I created a private generic theme.

Main difference I can see is as I’m a really lazy person, I do not like to write twice the informations. So I choose not to use a dedicated .toml and reuse .params .

Do you think (are you interested in) we can merge our 2 theme/module to get best of both worlds ?
Any thoughts ?

Hi @divinerites , sorry for the super late reply.

I’ll take a look, just finishing the documentation so I can do a full release. Then we can see what can be done :slight_smile:


Documentation website now available at

Also, v1.1.0: ᜐᜎᜋᜆ᜔ (salamat) is out as well.

Enjoy! Shalom!