Is it possible to create and update hugo posts via a web interface?

I would like to migrate a Wordpress website to Hugo but the person who is going to manage the website is not tech savy. He doesn’t know how to use git. I can show him how to edit the markdown files, that won’t be a big issue, but deploying is problematic. He is used to log in to wordpress and update the content via the web interface. In this situation it is better to keep the wordpress page? is one option.

Thank you!

I second @01AutoMonkey’s suggestion.

Another alternative I’m currently meddling with is NetlifyCMS (same idea), which has the advantage of allowing you free deployment. It might be rough around the edges compared to Foresty, so you’ll have to decide if the cost savings are worth the time lost / headaches.

I would say yes. The other suggestions recommend services from companies. While the “data” we are talking about is text files, I think for a perspective site operator, it is easier to find someone with WordPress experience to help them than it will be to refactor their site to switch services or whatever. In this case I think the larger ecosystem of WordPress benefits the person in question.

Of course that’s if the site is set with proper backups offsite. :slight_smile:

in principle, could someone not write a GUI frontend for Hugo that looks like WordPress and which pages and posts can be edited, and then compiled at the press of a button on the GUI? On Windows at least, Hugo is simply one executable file, and this could be invoked from a .NET application. All of the post and page file text could easily be stored in XML files. I realise this kind of defeats the purpose of Hugo, but for many of us the lack of a GUI is a bit of a showstopper. With some extra coding that would probably be quite complicated, I guess the output from Hugo could be automatically uploaded onto get hub or S3 or similar.

One can use WordPress to update a Hugo-built site; Hugo takes content and data and outputs static files.

This particular case involved handing the site off to someone that may find managing a Hugo site difficult. If they already use WordPress it makes sense to stick with it. If that client really wants to use Hugo, they can of course come here and learn about in time. :slight_smile: