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we currently have web in hugo and blog in wordpress. I would like to migrate the blog to hugo was well but need some CMS to manage the blog. Does anybody have any recommendation? The blog page is this one

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This is a good starting point.

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Personally, I am using to manage the content of my hugo site. It works very well in conjunction with netflify as it is git based which means it works via your repo and updates it automatically whenever you post new content.

The easiest way is to do this would be to find a git-based headless CMS like Netlify CMS or They will have access to Markdown files in your git repo allowing you to edit them or create new ones.

Alternatively, you can use an API-focused headless CMS like Contentful, Prismic, or DatoCMS. You’ll need to write a script that consumes the API and converts it to markdown files for Hugo. (DatoCMS has a tutorial for integrating with Hugo making it easy) You can then trigger a rebuild from the CMS via webhooks and then use a build pipeline to run your script followed by the ‘hugo’ build command.

You could even use the Wordpress Rest API for this, meaning you can keep managing your blog within Wordpress and just use Webhooks to rebuild the Hugo site whenever there’s a change. In your case this might be a nice option since you won’t have to migrate and set up a new CMS.

Anyway I’m just spitballing ideas. Hopefully it helps you in making a descision.

Thanks Josh, that helps. One question though. I understand the CMS can access the Markdown files. But if I need to manage a blog ,usually this requires not managing the page as a single page but the articles are stored in a database, with tags and categories. Your suggestion to use the Wordpress API is a good one, it would solve this kind of managment. But I was still expecting there is some kind of alternative to the blog managment done in platforms like Netlify or Forestry, any idea?

With Hugo things like tags and categories are stored in the front matter of the markdown file.

If you go with Forestry or NetlifyCMS, you can enter these values through the GUI. (See the middle column of the second image in the Forestry Docs.) Using one of these options is pretty similar to Wordpress…at least for doing regular blogging activities like uploading images and writing articles.

Hugo supports Taxonomies (See When configured it will automatically generate list pages for each taxonomy. (Ex. A page that lists all articles tagged with “Hugo”) Tags and categories are already enabled by default.

So in your chosen CMS you just need to configure your field where the tags or category will be entered. And then make sure it generates the appropriate frontmatter.