Need some help rendering page error

I don’t know, but I always get a error when I render my site with hugo:

INFO 2017/06/19 12:51:17 found taxonomies: map[string]string{"tag":"tags", "category":"categories"}
WARN 2017/06/19 12:51:17 [en] Unable to locate layout for "section": [section/pages.html.html section/pages.html pages/list.html.html pages/list.html _default/section.html.html _default/section.html _default/list.html.html _default/list.html indexes/pages.html.html indexes/pages.html _default/indexes.html.html _default/indexes.html theme/section/pages.html.html theme/section/pages.html theme/pages/list.html.html theme/pages/list.html theme/_default/section.html.html theme/_default/section.html theme/_default/list.html.html theme/_default/list.html theme/indexes/pages.html.html theme/indexes/pages.html theme/_default/indexes.html.html theme/_default/indexes.html]
ERROR 2017/06/19 12:51:17 Error while rendering "page": template: _default/single.html:9:11: executing "_default/single.html" at <partial "https://www...>: error calling partial:

What can I do here?

The warning indicates that there is no layout defined for your sections.
Meanwhile the error points out that in your _default/single.html you are calling a partial that doesn’t exist.

It seems that something is wrong with your theme. If you’re using one have you defined it in config.toml?

Yes I use the creative theme.( I have put it in
theme = "hugo-creative-theme" The creative theme is in the folder “themes”.

Well then in that case you need to sort your sections layout the terminal warning indicates the lookup order of the section templates that are missing.

Same goes for the missing partial.

You might as well use the theme’s Github repo as a guide and find out what are the theme files you’re missing.

Are you calling a partial with a full URL? If you can point me to your source rather than that of the theme, I might be able to provide more insight…

I installed the new hugo version and made a new hugo site. Now it’s working. Thank you all for your help!

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