[SOLVED] Posts not rendering since upgrading to hugo 0.19

Like the title says, after the upgrade my posts are not rendering.

The theme I use is here: https://github.com/brunoamaral/Digital-Insanity/

I also tried using a different theme, and the posts are still not being rendered. They are in content/post/.

Did anything change between 0.17 and 0.19 that could cause this?

search _index.md

Just cloned your repo…

I’m a bit confused by this architecture, but I’m digging around. It looks like some of the links aren’t working on the live site as well? (Or did you already start publishing to the live site with v19?)


Yes I noticed the problem in the live site and have been trying to recover it.

I just noticed that if I change layout = "post" to type = "post" it works.

Before making the switch in every post I am trying to understand all the implications.

[EDIT: didn’t see you comment just before this before I wrote my response]

Okay, still digging around, but I notice that you use layout: post in your markdown files all over the place, but there is no post.html. When I removed this from one of the posts, the page renders…

Thanks anyway rdwatters :slight_smile:

So far I have the posts rendering, with the following files in _default/

single.html (Is this redundant now?)

Taxonomies are still returning 404, looking into it now.

No problem. I’m still digging around. Sorry this isn’t faster, but I figure two heads are better than one :smile:

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I think I figured out the problem.

Categories are now case sensitive, and the link I was using for “Series” don’t work anymore.

So instead of /categories/geek I need to link to /categories/Geek and instead of /series/coffee-table/ I need to link to /series/Coffee%20Table.

This was happening because I had: preserveTaxonomyNames = true. Switched to false and seems to be working.

Ahhh. Glad you got it. But as far as the posts rendering, you’re all good without having to change the layout or type in the front matter?

(I’d check myself, but I’m at work right now…)

For now, I duplicated single.html and renamed to post.html, that solves it.

I guess I can delete single.html now? Not sure and too tired to go look at the moment.

Just want to make sure you did this within layouts and not themes/yourtheme/layouts just to save you any headaches moving forward w/r/t maintaining compatibility with the theme upstream.

As far as deleting? Nahhh…if it’s a theme, I say just leave it in there, right?


And at the risk of being brazen, it sounds like you’ve been focusing on content between v17 and v19, so I’d love some feedback on the docs concept if you have a couple minutes. You’ll see a big fat “WIP” across the top, so any and all feedback is welcome.