New Site Category For Sharing Sites?

Should there be a new category specifically for sharing Hugo made sites on here?

I just posted one in “Uncategorized” however I know some people may consider that noise or even spam. A specific category could perhaps provide a way to filter those post.

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I propose we leave sites in Uncategorized, and depending on how good the site is, we shame or praise them, reinforcing social proof and inflating the value of early submitters.

Or, yeah, we could make a category folks can ignore, so they won’t be notified of new topics. But then we need to tell folks how to us Discourse.

How about a showcase, instead? Like the theme showcase, but for sites. But no fascists. Hmmm, this got complicated.

jekyll has a single thread in their forum for sharing sites, pinned until read(?). Ideally people would post their repo as well as the live site but even without a repo it was cool to see what some people came up with.

With it all in one post it was easy to find a bunch of inspiration all in one place.

Even though it was not pinned all the time, it would show up at the top regularly as people posted to it.

I prefer a new Discourse category to do this, this way if people want to have conversations about a particular site and the Hugo tips, themes, and techniques used, all of the conversation doesn’t step over each other.

As a last resort, I’d take the single topic. If there’s a single topic, and I comment once on a site I like, I don’t want to keep getting notifications when there’s more activity.