Acknowledge use of the Discourse engine (to help new users)

The first few times I visited the Hugo Discussion forum, I wondered whether it was powered by Discourse. I’d seen Discourse before—I merely wondered whether this indeed was Discourse, or something else (perhaps nicely written in Go!).

I went to the About page, and saw nothing there to resolve the question.

The fact that this question was left for us to wonder about (unsettled either way) was slightly irritating. And possibly, the same slight irritation has happened—and will continue to happen—to other new users.

Recent searching revealed the fact that Discourse powers the Hugo Discussion forum. In most such places, one user asks another the equivalent of, “Didn’t you know it’s powered by Discourse?”

In this way, as well, the fact that the choice of forum software isn’t clearly disclosed is slightly unkind to new users.

(BTW, I found those mentions here, here, here, here, here, and here.)

To help Hugo be more friendly to new users, the About page IMO should acknowledge (at the bottom) that the forum’s engine is Discourse.

Perhaps it should use the conventional form:

Powered by Discourse.

Are we embarrassed to say so? Acknowledging Discourse would be fair play.

You’re probably right, but…

<meta name="generator" content="Discourse 1.5.0.beta10 - version e5aecdf09f029c29f26136b5791f975abb4cccc9">

I’m not an admin, so I can’t fix the About page.