Hugo Winston : Content and design not showing up

I’ve been following both tutos of the theme and tuto of hugo, and when I install the Hugo Winston theme, after i copied the example content, those are not showing up, nor the menu or the frame. When I install an additional theme and change it in the hugo.toml document, the content and menu are showing up. is there anything wrong with the hugo winston theme or did i miss something ?

The theme is a little bit outdated, but this works fine.

hugo new site mysite
cd mysite/
git init
git submodule add themes/hugo-winston-
cp -a themes/hugo-winston-theme/exampleSite/. .
mv config.toml hugo.toml

Then edit hugo.toml, setting the baseURL to

Then run hugo server. Works great.

it worked like a charm, thank you.
The last command of your list that i had never seen did it all.
Thanks a lot !

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