Installed theme static libs not showing up on hugo serve

This is my first time using Hugo so forgive me if this is a simple question. I will give a breakdown below.

  • I created a new hugo site and then installed a theme ( in the themes directory.
  • There are two static folders now. one at mysite/static and one at mysite/themes/LoveIt/static.
  • When I created a page in mysite/content, it appears to not be using the static assets such as fonts, icons, etc that are present in the themes static folder.

My question is this:

  1. How does Hugo resolve the static assets which are listed in the themes folder vs the ones which are listed in the site root?
  2. Should I manually move the assets out of the theme folder and into the site or should I avoid touching anything in the themes folder?

HOW did you install the theme? By setting themes = ["LoveIt"] in your config? Then it should copy that static folder over, then override with your own static folder (meaning if you have identical filepaths in your own static directory those files will override those of the theme). Manually moving the assets is the last attempt, but It should copy those libraries. Maybe you have a file right issue? Or copied the theme after starting the current server instance?

ok, good to know. Would the general strategy be to make the structure of my site follow what is in the theme and then whatever I put in my top level site folder will override the default in the theme?

There seems to be slight naming differences so I am not sure how strict the naming convention is