Pathing, themes, and a new install

Hello All,

New to this - just installed Hugo on OSx with homebrew & all the themes. Very very cool idea and product!

Now my issue, I can get the uno theme to work by copying it’s js and css files to my static folder - however I can get no other themes to work. Whenever I try the different themes, it seems like I am missing the js and css files (however they are in theme). What am I missing? Hopefully this is an easy fix!


You shouldn’t need to copy anything to your static folder. The theme itself should already have a static folder. If you’ve put the themes in the themes folder, it should just work.

Well - got it now. Looks like it had been an odd pathing issue with my localhost (was missing a / at the beginning - perhaps from the site name?) anyways, it’s all good. Got a site live and everything! This is pretty cool stuff.