Hugo Themes - which are modern and which are outdated

Would it be worth the effort to mark the Hugo Themes whether they make use of baseof.html, nested sections, the asset pipeline etc. ?

This came to my mind when I examinded the new Hugo Fresh from @lucperkins. Here’s my comment on this: Hugo Fresh - a wonderful theme for learning new Hugo features

I know that this would need some work to do. I’d be happy to spend some time on this. Same time the rules for publishing new themes should be complemented.

Just le me know whether there’s interest.

With the current setup Theme Authors would have to tag their themes accordingly in their theme.toml

There are several themes on the site that work only in older versions of Hugo.

The existence of a Theme Demo on the Hugo website shows whether a theme is actively maintained.

Since the website is always generated with the latest Hugo the demos of non-current themes fail to build.

Also check when was the last time that a theme was updated.

Ah, good to know. So the effort doesn’t make sense indeed. Tnx for clarification.