Hugo Fresh - a wonderful theme for learning new Hugo features

I just ran into Hugo Fresh which was created by @lucperkins.

I strongly recommend to take a close look in the “ingredients” of this theme. It covers most of the new Hugo features. Especially examine config.yaml and the different section partials which make use of the config.yaml content.

Also very interesting is his solution in layouts/partials/css.html for fonts. I like the conditional statement most - didn’t use it so far.

Congratulations, Luc, great work. I again learned how creative Hugo can be used.

Da ich weiß, dass Du die deutsche Sprache sehr gut kannst: Voll fett!


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Herzlichen Dank für die lieben Wörter, @Leo_Merkel! Die deutsche Sprache ist doch eine meiner größten Leidenschaften :de:

Honestly, I typically work on themes explicitly for the sake of experimenting with new features, so it’s no big surprise that some new goodies ended up in the Hugo Fresh theme :grinning:

This theme (at least the demo) appear to be completely broken.

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This is a remark which is hard to understand for me. What do you mean by ‘completely broken’? And why did you not contact the theme author @lucperkins (who has by the way a great reputation) telling him about your observations.

Edit: At least you’re right that the demo is not working. I let Luc know.

Just to check I made a fresh download and started the theme. Nothing is broken and it runs like expected.

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Unfortunately the demo is broken for reasons beyond my control. As far as I can tell the themes site doesn’t support the extended version of Hugo (which includes the Hugo Pipes feature), which is causing that demo page to look completely borked. But the theme does work just fine if you use it locally.


You can commit the resources to your theme. May be have already, but the themes site hasn’t pulled the updated themes after that?

Yes, I have done that (see here). It could be related to this issue.


The Theme Demo on the Themes Site is missing its CSS resources because the generated Permalink is wrong.

I have notified the theme author on GitHub

There are special requirements for Theme Demos to work and sometimes when a theme is updated with new features the Demo can break.

I’m a bit surprised this wasn’t caught sooner but currently there is another issue with many Theme Demos throwing a 404 on the website and @digitalcraftsman is investigating .


Thank you for reporting the broken demo.

In the future if you catch another broken theme demo on the Themes Site please notify the theme’s author directly on the theme’s repository.

@lucperkins See the GitHub issue I opened in your repo. There is a fix for this problem.


Leo, because I am new to the community and don’t know the author. I assumed that since the notice about the theme being broken was in the discussion, the right place to post an issue was here. In this case I did not download it because I assumed (incorrectly) that if the demo does not work it’s not worth the time for a novice to go any further.

I was not trying to be snarky. I am trying to learn and struggling. There are other Themes in the gallery (like “creative”) that are “not working” (I get a 404). I’ll jump to the repo and let the author know.

Anyway, I did not mean to offend.

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You didn’t offend.

Theme Demos can be broken on the Hugo Site for various reasons specific to the Site Build Script or because they are for older versions of Hugo.

When reviewing a theme submission we make sure that its demo is generated by advising the authors.

However once a theme is submitted the demo can break for the above reasons or because of a theme update.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that a theme will not work if you clone it locally.

To find a theme’s repo you click the Download button on its page and then you are taken to its repository.

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