Theme Migration Path

I built a theme a while back(around May '17) and I discovered that there were a lot of Hugo releases from that time period until now.

Now that I want to change something in my website, I have to update the theme. However, there doesn’t seem to be a clear documentation for upgrading to the latest version.

Are there any tools that help ease migration? Like a tool that detects if the themes are valid for the latest Hugo version? Or do I just have to create a dummy Hugo site, plug in the template and work from there?

To test if a theme is incompatible with the latest Hugo simply run hugo server. If something is wrong the console will throw errors, that will tell you what needs to be fixed.

But I doubt that there have been breaking Hugo changes since May.

You need to update your theme on your own.

Also if you ever use someone else’s theme to have it always up to date simply clone the theme’s repo and you will get the changes whenever the theme’s designer makes them.

That’s why if you use a theme it is recommended to use /layouts/ and not /themes/name/layouts/ to override parts of it without changing it.

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