Reminder: Hugo Themes authors need to update for Hugo 0.58.0

Friendly reminder to the theme authors mentioned in this issue:

In 2 weeks time themes that have not been updated for Hugo 0.58.0 will be removed from the Themes Showcase.

Please update your themes. If you have any questions then do not hesitate to ask.


Is there a process for folks who’ve updated a fork of one of these themes to submit their updated theme to the showcase? Is there an efficient way to see which forks are most active and reach out to the developer?

Or will it be a matter of waiting to see if the original developer updates within the next two weeks, and if not, put a call out to the community to submit any themes (including forks) which they’re willing to submit and maintain?

No. There is no specific process to submit updated forks of unmaintained themes.

At the end of the month I will manually check the various theme demos.

If someone wants to submit a fork of a removed theme they are welcome to do so through the normal submission process at the Hugo Themes GitHub repo.

Same goes for theme authors who may want to re-submit a removed original theme.

cc: @digitalcraftsman

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@alexandros - I reckon that sounds good.

I was just thinking it’d be a pity for all some great themes to disappear, especially if many of them have been kept up-to-date by someone else.

If you are aware of any updated forks of unmaintained themes that should replace the originals, then feel free to mention them in an issue at the Hugo Themes GitHub repo, so that I can replace the unmaintained originals with these forks.

That’s what I had in mind as well.

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I did personal fixes for Universal and Start Bootstrap Clean Blog; should I try and find my fixes and submit them as patches? I have made other modifications to the themes, so I can’t just submit the whole file.

It’s up to the authors to merge the Pull Requests that you sent to the respective theme repos.

Yeah, I just decided to go ahead and do it, since there was no indication that the authors were fixing it. It’s a shame that they haven’t done anything yet–both of those themes are very nice, and I would hate to see them dropped from the themes showcase as per the upcoming new theme maintenance guidelines. I don’t have the time or know-how to maintain either of them, though.