Hugo Theme Analytics

Is anyone doing any analysis on Hugo Themes using the actual repository files as a source?

I really like @pointyfar s PFHT but for some reason I am not able to search out the old jquery versions. (I think it may be using author supplied tags).

I am finding it difficult to narrow in on themes which I can consider. Or rather, I really want a list of themes which are not outdated and are safe to be considered.

I recently discovered a theme I had chosen to devote some time to has apparent security issues regarding jquery. When I grep thru the Hugo Themes I find a number of them use very outdated versions of jquery.

There are probably a number of other concerns only a seasoned web developer would know to look out for and know what search term to use. Analytics engine with the proper terms could help I believe.

Here is an example:

That’s about the same version that WordPress keeps, supposedly to maintain backward compatibility with themes, plugins, etc. Interesting coincidence.

I think Hugo Theme shoppers know that technology evolves over time and that Themes can become outdated. Those may have value as code examples. However, it seems very difficult to determine which themes have dated, if not questionable elements. The Author Tags may give clues, but do not seem to be sufficient to make a decision.

Possibly there should be some detailed disclaimer on the Themes page along with some programmatically generated tags indicating qualities such as security concerns or dated elements or external dependencies.

I would like to hear any ideas which would help the casual Hugo user pick a Theme and not waste time implementing a problem site.

BTW here is a list of Jquery versions mentioned in Theme code from a simple grep:

jQuery v1.10.2
jQuery v1.11.0
jQuery v1.11.1
jQuery v1.11.2
jQuery v1.11.3
jQuery v1.12.0
jQuery v1.12.4
jQuery v1.7.1
jQuery v1.9.1
jQuery v2.1.0
jQuery v2.1.1
jQuery v2.1.3
jQuery v2.1.4
jQuery v2.2.0
jQuery v2.2.1
jQuery v2.2.3
jQuery v2.2.4
jQuery v3.1.1
jQuery v3.2.1
jQuery v3.3.1
jQuery v3.4.1

So I was thinking about this and got started on testing out how I could include RetireJS on PFHT. I’ve got a rough draft going on here which I’d appreciate thoughts on.

A few issues still to resolve though, chief of which is that this only works for themes that have assets in static; cdns are not (yet) able to be evaluated. Any suggestions for this would be welcome.


I really like your front end presentation and find it very useful.

I think RetireJS is good as a data source, but it would be great if you would consider developing your front end so you could integrate multiple data sources.

These sources could be any type of data to enhance the information presented. Think ETL.

A favorite source of data might be a small well written program to iterate thru all the Hugo Themes and search out valued information. The list of items to gather would have to come from developers knowledgeable current web technologies.

The end goal would be a presentation which would allow a casual user find a safe, up to date theme to work with. Another goal would be to alert users when a Hugo Theme has questionable qualities.

That’s a pretty big ask to say in a very casual way. The PFHT is a cool, helpful, and professionally looking tool – but still a hobby project too.

Someone scarified a lot of free time to make this tool. And here you seem to be asking him (or her) to spend 50-100(?) hours in writing a front-end + back-end for your off the cuff theme analytics idea? Including theme analysis, sourcing developers, and generate alerts for theme users?

That’s unrealistic, a bit crazy, and disrespectful.

Please except my humble apology. I certainly meant no disrespect to anyone.

I was thinking big picture, and because I liked the PFHT presentation so much, I simply thought it would be a good suggestion to the author to consider leaving options open for the possibility of additional inputs to it.

I actually asked for nothing other than consideration of an idea. And @pointyfar did ask for any suggestions.

My motivation is to help people struggling with choosing Hugo Themes so they can avoid the outdated or undesirable. PFHT is great for that!


Also my apologies. I was reading more in what you were saying than what you were trying to say.

Have a nice weekend! :slight_smile: