Hugo Server go slow and not recognising content updates


I updated my local environment to 0.79 recently and just been trying to finish up a new blog post… but running Hugo server is taking a bit longer than I’d expect and now its not picking up changes in the content i’m trying to proof-read and finish.

I’m stuck as to what is broke - any ideas please?

really difficult without any other information.

“Proof Reading” sounds to me like you have a tool or an editor or an IDE running over these files. There could be an issue with concurrent read/write activity by multiple programs that slow things down or something even locking the files for itself. Most times it’s the other software, not Hugo :wink: But as @divinerites said - more information needed.

I’m struggling here too – I’ve used VSCode as my IDE since May, when i switched to Hugo.

ok … so i doubt its the IDE … because - I also edited a file in Text Edit

But finally I saw this in the terminal - any ideas why its taking so long?

Change detected, rebuilding site.

2020-12-04 08:23:38.388 +0000

Source changed "/Users/damien/dev/www-damien/content/blog/": CREATE

Change detected, rebuilding site.

2020-12-04 08:23:40.388 +0000

Total in 19017 ms

Rebuilt in 25559 ms

We cannot know without seeing the source code of the project or if that is not possible a sample project that reproduces the problem.

A few guesses:

  1. Does the new content file make heavy use of image processing?
  2. Are there lots of shortcodes?

If the answer to either of the above questions is yes. Then that may be the culprit.

Also try downgrading to the Hugo version that you had before installing 0.79.0 and see if the problem persists. In that case you may need to go through the Release Notes to debug.

Thanks @alexandros. I think its my VSCode and also that I upgraded to the new Mac OS as Brew has a warning about out of date command line tools :frowning:

BTW - is there a post about how to downgrade? I tried brew switch hugo but that doesnt seem to work anymore

Not a Brew user, so I’m afraid that I can’t help.

The aim of most “package systems” is to give you ALWAYS the latest version of something, while keeping compatible amongst each of the used packages. So the concept of downgrading is not really something that is there. But you can in most of these systems make a version “static” or “fixed”.

I am also no brew user, but googling (you know, where you ask exactly the same question on brought up this link:

Looks like you have to find the hash of the version you want to install and then… well… install it. The fixing in brew is then called “pinning” (everyone has a different nice name for the bad things they do).

I am using Webstorm (and also Pycharm for the Hugo comment system I am writing) with the latest Hugo plugin and I cannot confirm this. Live udpates are going as fast as the wind. VS Code isn’t the fastest of IDE’s, can you try running the development server on a shell outside of VS Code and see if this reproduces?

If yes, do you have the files on a HDD or SSD? If HDD, any chance it has a low cache, such as 16MB or something? If possible, look at how much cache it has. HDD cache sizes ARE important.

There are several posts in recent months about issues with livereload in connection with VSCode. Not sure if they ever got solved, but the mention of VSCode is a trigger word for “disable all unnecessary plugins and see what’s happening” and “test outside of the IDE and see if it re-occurs”.

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Ok … I will close this post … and start a new thread … maybe its the new Mac OS ?? permissions somewhere?

I did this …

  1. deleted VScode (and followed online guide to remove all traces)
  2. used brew to uninstall Hugo
  3. deleted my dev local folder
  4. restarted machine
  5. brew install cask for vscode
  6. brew install hugo
  7. git clone clean version of my site

results …

Hugo server -D ran in 6 seconds (down from 15)

open VScode
Edit a file
hugo didnt pick up any changes

But when i discard the changes … and I quit VScode - 10 mins later … then it noticed

I also used another editor … to edit same file, changes detected immediately

Closing posts and opening new ones makes no sense. Even if it’s for MacOS :wink:

well I gave it a better title too :slight_smile:

besides I thought Hugo “IT Helpdesk” prefer to close tickets within SLA and not have old tickets floating around

There is no helpdesk. Just people concerned that issues with Hugo make it look bad :wink:

I think we (or someone connected to Hugo) should connect with the VSCode people and have a talk about this. It’s relatively obvious that there is something going on that might be solved only on “developer to developer” base.

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