Content is not being refreshed

Hello Everyone,
I have a problem that the content is not being refreshed anymore.
It worked flawlessly but suddenly stopped working with one of the newer versions of hugo.
Reloading the page doesn’t show the changes. No difference with the --disableFastRender parameter.
Aborting hugo server and starting it again shows the changes finally.
What could have gone wrong?
0.80.0-6 at debian testing

I’d like to try to reproduce the problem. Can you share your repository? Or create a test project that reproduces the problem?

Thank you very much for your offer.
I will continue keeping an eye on that problem and let you know.

I have regarded it happens randomly.
Thank you again for your reply!

it seems I can fix this issue with a full reboot.
I often hibernate the machine. It seems it has to do sth. with it.

I assume the suspend mode is STR. But I’m not sure.

Is there a background daemon or job running I could look for?

Today it just works. Though I had suspended the machine several times during the last 3 days.