MacOS - Hugo not picking up changes in VSCode

Anyone else having problems with VSCode since BigSur OS ??

this is a new post - and closed my old topic - but in summary Hugo was not detecting changes in files and taking 45000ms on average to rebuild … if it did detect a change

I deleted my local dev environment, deleted Hugo and deleted VScode - then reinstalled them

results …

Hugo server -D ran in 6000 ms

open VScode
Edit existing .md file
Hugo didnt pick up any changes

But when i discard the changes … and I quit VScode - (some 10 mins later )… then it noticed, and took 13000ms to rebuild

I also used another editor … to edit same file, changes detected immediately.
rebuild was done in 6670 ms (in comparison)

Should I just not use VSCode?

Do you have any extensions in vscode activated?

I got no problems with change detection and rebuild time under BigSur and vscode.

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Currently have none enabled - still same problem

I only had a few - Gitlens, Python and a couple of Hugo extensions

Hmm. I assume you start the hugo server in a terminal, right?

And is the behaviour the same when you use hugo server without the -D option?

Yes - same behaviour without -D

Recently i’ve been doing more writing and not coding - so I havent been running Hugo or VSCode constantly every day

Somewhere between upgrading to BigSur and Hugo 0.79 things changed - so last 2-3 weeks - things changed.

So now Im stuck - i can’t develop any code or write :frowning: and need a new IDE

I’m on MacOS with VS Code — but NOT Big Sur.

The reason I have not upgraded is not because of Hugo (or: not the main reason).

That said: I assume you run Hugo with a new M1 Mac under Rosetta 2 (?) (as Hugo will not get a native build until Go 1.1.6 around February), which I heard reports about “mostly working OK”.

The above was probably not helpful … As a side not, I have ordered a new Mac Mini M1 which should arrive in a few days, but I will still hold on with the Big Sur upgrade for my main MacBook until spring.

Hi @bep

I’ve got a 2020 MacBook Air (but not the M1)

So maybe it is BigSur that broke something - I was thinking if Hugo might need Full Disk permissions so that Hugo can ‘see’ file changes ??

Yes. Big Sur is a big and bold step from Apple, but I guess they also knew that there would be some pain before programs got compatible – which is probably why they introduced the lower specced variants first.

Full Disk permission seems not necessary. I gave that neither hugo (or the terminal invoking it) nor VS Code and it works flawlessly.

What I gave the terminal and VS Code are Files and Folders permissions for the folders Downloads, Documents and Desktop.

I have 2014 mac mini - which has been reformatted last month - so its got a fresh upgrade to to Big Sur - ill put VSCode and Hugo on it tomorrow and report back

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