Change detected - where?

I’m using hugo server without any options to work locally.
At some point, I started getting constant “Change detected, rebuilding site” messages in the terminal, but I thought I messed something up in git when jumping between branches, so I ignored this.

Eventually it became annoying enough that I removed the repository from my drive and cloned it again (into another folder)… and the server keeps refreshing. Funny that those refreshes take at least twice as long as a refresh when I actually do change something in the files.

How can I track down what exactly is triggering the refresh?

Which code editor are you using?

Visual Studio code, but the problem does not occur on other branches.
I must’ve committed something to this branch (and it’s a huge one, with lots of files moved around compared to master). I’d like to find that something.
Unless the huge difference between this branch and master itself is the issue, which is also an option.
Ideally, I’d like to find out that there is some config trick to complement the “change detected” message with the location of the change :smiley:

Have you tried disabling all vscode extensions?

Do this first: close vscode and run hugo server from a terminal.