Caching issues?

Hi all!

Don’t know what’s going on really but my site seems to have huge issues with caching when I’m developing my theme. I’ve started the server with hugo server -w and it spins up fine. Whenever I do a change in my template files it shows in the browser but when I update my content .md files it has no effect. I also have a feeling that Hugo doesn’t read the front matter in each file because the generation of my menu is incorrect. I know it’s not the best description I’m giving here but any ideas on how to further investigate this is welcomed. For example, does hugo generate error logs or something like that?

I’ve disabled cache in Dev Tools, tried starting the hugo server with --disableFastRender but the result is the same… changes in content files doesn’t appear on the site and no errors are found in the terminal log:

Change detected, rebuilding site
2019-01-16 14:32:04.735 +0100
Template changed "/Users/simpel/dev/Github/regionhalland/": WRITE
Total in 48 ms

Change detected, rebuilding site
2019-01-16 14:32:18.735 +0100
Source changed "/Users/simpel/dev/Github/regionhalland/": WRITE|CHMOD
Total in 14 ms

Can you share your git repo? This is hard to debug otherwise.
Also, what Hugo version are you using?

Hi @zwbetz Sure, here’s a repo: Branch Hugo

What I get in the browser is the following but if you look inside the content folder the stuff displayed on the site is nowhere to be seen… I’m using “Hugo Static Site Generator v0.53/extended darwin/amd64 BuildDate: unknown”

Okay, a few things:

This baseof.html is in the wrong location. It’s currently at:


But should be at:


Change content/ to content/, so that your other sections work correctly. This changes it from a leaf bundle to a branch bundle.

The baseURL in your config file needs to be the actual URL of your site.

For each url in your menu entries in config file, double check their values

Hello again @zwbetz Now it works! Thanks!