Any Hugo fans in NYC?

I run a Meetup group and website devoted to static site generators (I’ll post a link if anyone is interested, but will leave it for the moment, so as not to be self-promotional). We have a Meetup this Thursday, but I’ve been running some workshops and I’d love to have someone help out with a workshop on Hugo. I don’t yet feel competent enough to do one on my own.

If you’re in the area and want to help out or attend, definitely let me know.

The man himself, @spf13, is working in NYC – but I suspect he’ll a little bit too busy for any workshop.

I assumed as much (re: workshops). @spf13 is at Google now? We have a speaker from Google tomorrow night speaking about applying offline-first PWA techniques to static sites (we will have video). Should be a good one.

Still would like to find someone to collaborate on a Hugo workshop. The Jekyll workshops were well attended—lots of interest in this area these days.

Yes, he is in the Go team at Google (a job many envies him).

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