Hugo Menu Bar Publisher for Mac

Hi hugo friends,

Long time hugo user, though not as frequently as I would like. I wanted to make it easier for me to publish new stuff just by throwing a markdown file in a predetermined folder. I knew I wanted to do it with hugo (my existing site is in hugo) and I played a bit with making a hosted hugo service that would suck down content from a dropbox folder but there were a lot of unknowns there (for me) and I ended up writing something that was more familiar to me: a mac menubar app.

It’s pretty simple at the moment. You just pick folders for where your content and theme already live, enter some S3 credentials and hit publish whenever you write something new. Settings up S3 for hosting a website is not easy but once it’s set, it’s a maintenance-free way to host static files that is pretty fast.

I’m currently using this method (and hugomac for publishing) for my blog:

I have a few things I’d like to accomplish to make things easier for me:
• autopublish on any file change
• hook into the local hugo server for previews
• a few more configuration options here and there

Written in Swift 2.0, using Xcode 7 out in GM now. And all open source if you’d like to check it out, use it or contribute:

You have to build it yourself with Xcode at the moment. If there’s interest I’ll start making regular binary releases and maybe expand the scope a bit. I have some applescripts that make new markdown files for me and it might be interesting to see how I can incorporate that into this app.

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