Hugo Companion App for Mac: Skeletron Feedback & Beta Sign Up

Hey everybody, my name is Hanno and I’ve been working on a native Mac app that makes it (even) easier to work with Hugo.

It basically bundles Hugo, a simple front matter aware markdown editor with drag and drop image support and a Git client for pushing changes to a repository (I currently use it to trigger a deploy to Netlify, but would be really interested in what other setups are common).

You can get some more info here: and sign up for the beta if you like. Let me know what you think!


Hello @hanonno

The screenshot looks very promising and I have just signed up for the Beta.

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Thanks! I’ve sent you an invitation to the beta slack. Looking forward to your feedback!

It looks really nice. Will it support direct Netlify deployment (without going through Github)?

Probably not in the first version. But it should be possible. Exporting to a directory on your file system will definitely be supported in V1.

How exactly would you imagine it to work?

The screenshot looks really nice, and I can see how it might make my workflows more effecient. I’ve submitted my email—looking forward to giving it a try!

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Thanks! I’m slowly adding people to the beta, so expect something in the following weeks. I plan on selling the app and have no plans to open source it for now.

Thanks @hanonno. I’d submitted my email and hadn’t heard anything, so it’s good to know that there’ll be a small weight. Looking forward to trying it out…(and buying later on!).

@hanonno Any news on this?

The application is out of beta now. You can download a 2 week trial, and after that the subscription costs $2 per month.