Automatically download images to /static/img

Hi guys,
when I insert images into markdown article like this , is there a way to automatically download this image to /static/img and change the markdown to ?

That’s an interesting idea. There’s no solution in Hugo for that afaik, but, if I were going to do something like this on my mac, I’d probably try creating a service in Automator, and using that to do the download and copy to clipboard of the string to paste, since I could fix the path.

We should do it in Hugo so it works on every platform Hugo runs on.

This strikes me as more of a scraper feature than that of a static site generator.

Hugo uses BlackFriday as the markdown renderer, and this strikes me as something that would need to take place at that level…

If you use an external editor, like Forestry, or Netlify CMS, they do that sort of thing for you.

I would suspect linking to other people’s images without doing some careful thinking about license/copyright, is suspect in the first place, and having an “automatic download” feature would not help.