HUGO ignoring directories and content not showing up

HUGO is ignoring become-sponsor and privacy-policy directories in this repository: GitHub - jsphpndr/covid-api-bahamas: This repository was created for COVID-19 data in The Bahamas.

The pages are returning an error 404, which can be seen here:

Interestingly enough, when the pages were showing up, none of the front matter or content could be pulled from the file.

I also ran hugo mod clean to help with the directories not showing up… nada.

I would like the pages to show up again and access the front matter and content from the content files… any ideas as to what I did wrong?

Joe (@jmooring), I’m gonna reach out to you, the guy who’s been a great help on this project.

Change the draft status in front matter.

@jmooring, I’m convinced that I’m an idiot, either that or I need some sleep. :sweat_smile:

No, we have all done it. Some of us (me) more frequently than others.

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