I have a hugo site that was working fine until I changed the domain. Now I have a lot of 404 pages

Yesterday I purchased a custom domain for me and set it up, but since then the page “about”, “archive” and “search” all lead to a 404 error. And the only thing I changed in my site files is the baseURL: "https://devmedeiros.com/" in the config.tml. Can anyone help me resolve this issue?

The github repo contains all the files for the website.

I’ve tried loading little bits of the code, but I cannot pin point where the error is.

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Well, that had me flummoxed for a bit! :slight_smile:

I believe the issue come up when you switched to contentDir for translations:

├── about.en.md
├── about.pt.md
├── archives.en.md
├── archives.pt.md
├── post
├── search.en.md
└── search.pt.md

Non of those content files are in a content path when Hugo builds your site. If you put them into their respective language directories they begin to render again:

├── 2020-11-07-seaborn-package-guide.md
├── 2021-10-12-fakenews-sentiment.en.md
├── 2021-10-15-beautiful-power-bi.md
├── 2021-10-24-blackjack-simulation.md
├── 2021-10-27-data-table.md
├── 2021-11-02-sql-california-traffic.md
├── 2021-12-28-amazon-top-50-books.md
├── 2022-01-24-podcast-review-mlg.md
├── 2022-02-17-alura-films-powerbi.html
├── 2022-02-26-alura-food-powerbi.html
├── 2022-03-08-alura-skimo-powerbi.html
├── about.en.md
├── archives.en.md
└── search.en.md

However, the archives template is not showing… so that’s a new issue to ponder. :thinking:

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I don’t know why, but I just undid the new contentDir and it worked. I can’t believe I didn’t notice this before, thank you!

Some day I’ll try to figure out how to make it work with the contentDir :laughing:

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