Hugo Ignores Content Sub-Folder

Hi there,

Longtime user of Hugo here. I have a site that I haven’t changed in a few weeks, but upon installing Hugo on a new machine, when I do a build of the site, it completely ignores rendering any pages in sub-directories of the content folder. I don’t attempt to ignore any files in the config.toml, so it doesn’t appear to be that. Again, this worked last month on a different computer with the same exact set of assets and code.

Content folder structure:


(apologies, forum strips indenting)

I even tried adding another folder alongside chapter, but its contents are also not seen. I’ve attempted rolling back to older versions of Hugo, but they don’t seem to want to run any longer on my machine (I’m not sure if newer versions of Hugo change versions of Go under the hood, I thought that was all self-contained in the executable).

Has anyone encountered this, or know of any additional commands I can run to flush caches or further inspect the output?

I’ve tried running:

hugo list all - results: does not show any pages in the chapter folder
hugo --debug - results: shows all my shortcodes being compiled, but nothing about the pages

Anyone experience something similar?


What versions of Hugo are in your different machines? Things change with different versions of Hugo. Have a read here to see if breaking changes may be affecting your site:

you can enclose multiline text with three backticks:`


Do you have your code somewhere we can have a look at? It is easier to help if we can see the actual site code, not just your structure.

Unfortunately, I can’t share the code in a public forum.

I was running into these issues in v59. I tried rolling back to v56, and ran into some additional issues. After tracking down and removing an file Hugo didn’t like in v54, I was finally able to get things to build. My guess is that there is some sort of rendering issue when going into sub-folders with my specific project setup, but nothing that causes any errors to be logged or breaking the build.

Sorry I don’t have more I can show you, I’ve tried replicating elements of the site I can show in a new project, but I can’t seem to replicate the issue (as I don’t have errors to lead me anywhere). Glitch in the Matrix, I guess. shrug