Hugo 0.99.1 content doesn't match and no public folder generation

After last Hugo update (0.99.1) strange issues here:

  • Open a file, but after first or two save command, Hugo doesn’t update content in browser
  • Page desappear from listing also
  • Hugo doesn’t generate page in public folder
  • Sometimes page link give “404 page not found” error

Althought, no error reported by Hugo (correctly log “Source changed…” at every save).

Sorry but replaced “http” with “:::” because forum rules.

I’m using “page bundle” mode, and those parameters to developing: (this is my local ip)

hugo server --bind ::::// --baseURL :::://

and for generating:

set DESTINATION=%userprofile%\documents\hugo-public
hugo -b="::://" -d “%DESTINATION%”

Today discovered that files are not updated in /hugo-public folder, nor folder (deleted by me for test) are not regenerated.

Trying also to downgrade to old Hugo version (until 0.96), but no way, strange behaviours persists. No error in hugo logs.

What may have happened?

Edit: after writing this post, one of “missing page” now is at right place.
The only thing I changed is this, in front matter:

- Orari Corsi 2021-2022


- "Orari Corsi 2021-2022"

Same page now generated in public folder.
Maybe there is some flaw with front-matter parser (I’m using YAML format)

A link to your repository would make it easier to find the problem.

Thank you frjo.

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(sorry but I had to write this legal advice)

There is only a README in the repo, you forgot the site.

Ok, all right now with git. Repo is online if you wanna see problem.
Thank you for patience.

The repo is missing a number of SVG images but other than that it works as expected.

Added missed svg images.

Please try to edit some page in /content, and save more than two times. After some time, Hugo stop refreshing pages and also can show “404 not found”.

I usually keep more than two pages open in the browser. Can it make any difference? Or get in the way of Hugo’s behavior in some way?

It works as expected for me, no issues.

Thank you for your time. There is a way to activate some deeper debug level in Hugo output? To try to investigate this mystery more deeply.

The site is in a folder on Dropbox, maybe it has something to do with it.
So I copied the site to another disk, but it doesn’t work the same.

“Source changed” with correct .md file path, but nothing happens in the browser, even when refreshing.
It’s frustrating.

So saving first time → OK
saving second, third, fourth time → maybe

When Hugo stop refreshing browser window (I’m using Edge) then:

close and reopen Hugo.

Now appear black page with “404 page not found” error.

404 page not found

Hugo say that:

Environment: "development"
Serving pages from memory
Running in Fast Render Mode. For full rebuilds on change: hugo server --disableFastRender
Web Server is available at (bind address
Press Ctrl+C to stop