Hugo course I created on Udemy

I’m not a Hugo expert, but in order to share what I have learned so far (and to push me to learn more) I created a Udemy course. It covers how to get started, basic usage, how to create a Hugo theme from a Wordpress theme, and a few different deployment options.

The course is free with this link until the end of the month (31 Jan 2015).

Any feedback about what’s missing, mistakes or areas you’d like to know more about would be greatly appreciated.


I just started looking at the course. So far it is very well done.

Thanks, I appreciate that. I finished a third video today for the Hugo docs (at Steve/spf13’s suggestion) to give people a quick overview of how Hugo works, how fast it is, and how to troubleshoot when things don’t work. The more people that are using Hugo, the better!

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I fast-forwarded through it - nice job.

One tip - in the Amazon S3 bucket config, it’s useful to set 404.html as the error page (404 is the only HTTP error you’ll get).

Thanks for this… I’d started using Jekyll, but this bootstrapping of the knowledge to get into hugo helped me decide on this instead. I’d recommend checking it out… it’s well done.

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Thanks for the tip on S3 bjornerik, I didn’t realize that.

And wraith808, good to see you here from DonationCoder. It’s great to hear you’re starting to use Hugo!


I’m not lazy in any way but lately I’m literally out of time so anything that could help me be up and ready ASAP is really welcomed. Also as a non-native English speaker I find your teaching English quite enjoyable.

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Nice job!

And I am not English native speaker. I hope you can add the subtitle in the video very much!

That’s a great suggestion that I hadn’t even considered. I’ll look into it.

Your course is quite helpful. I am not a native speaker, but your teaching is easily understood and well structured. Thanks! :slight_smile:

That’s great to hear @gardenia22, I’m very pleased to hear the course was helpful. If you wouldn’t mind leaving a review, it would be most appreciated. (And to anyone else who’s taken the course)

hi mr dhersam Link no found :(.

Can you pass link free?

Mr Ferney - The free coupon code is no longer available.

ok dhersam :frowning: :frowning:

This is such a nice and helpful course! Thank you so much for making it. I hope you do more! pleeeeez!

Thanks, I love hearing that it was helpful. I will be making updates when I can carve out some time.

@dhersam - Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This course was exactly what I needed!!! You did such an excellent job in being clear and thorough. I was very impressed and feel I could easily create a Hugo site. Thank you for putting that Udemy course together, plus, for keeping it updated.

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May you re-open the coupon for a while again! I like to see it but I can’t pay for it for some reasons :’(

Sorry to hear about the money problems. Udemy has changed their discount policies so I can only offer 50% off discounts now. If that would make it affordable, I’d be happy to create one for you.

Ah, it’s not a money problem! We can’t pay via international transaction services (such as paypal, credit cards, etc), because of USA sanction.

There are some complicated ways to walk out on, but they are illegal both locally and internationally!

Anyway, thank you for your attention.