Just installed Hugo

I just installed Hugo (a week ago) and tested it.
First, I’m not a highly experienced programmer and developer, and the first contact with Hugo was difficult.
It not easy to understand and to approach site generation with Hugo, I was very confused at some points (especially the public folder thing, the command line system, the use of themes).
( I think the tutorials are built for experienced users, not for freebies… But that’s an other question).
( I’m French and not very skilled with English too … It can explains things I did get in first instance… lol)

Anyway, I successfully built a website, customized a theme, export all the stuff via FTP and made it working on a server.
It wasn’t easy to understand all the thing, but there is one thing that has clearly the good point : the use of markdown langage.
It is just like a brillant idea (because it simplifies many many things with content layout).

Am I saying I’am adopting Hugo for my author website(*) ? Let’s say yes :wink:

( I’am a sci-fi writer).

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Welcome and good for you that you managed to figure it out.

Thank you.!
The prototype looks great.
The deeper I go on the Hugo, things becomes easier.
There is non secret : to understand how it works, you must invest time and put the hands in.

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