New Hugo tutorial series

Hi Hugoers,

I’m really excited to share this six-part tutorial series on getting started with Hugo with you all.

I noticed a lot of the other beginner Hugo tutorials throw the kitchen sink at you as you’re getting started. Hugo has a lot of powerful functionality that can be overwhelming to a newcomer. This is my attempt to give a Hugo newbie just enough knowledge to create their first site, I hope it can help bring more people into the community.

I’m looking to create more content to help you all get more out of Hugo. What topics do you struggle with or feel the documentation is lacking or confusing? Keen to hear what you want the next tutorial to be.


Great work!
Speaking about the last tutorial in your series, the one about data, perhaps an episode about getJSON/getCSV could add further insight?


Great idea @Mihai. Watch this space, coming soon. :watch:


Very impressive - well done - you are a great Ambassador for Hugo!