Hugo color theme not changing [params.palette]


I want to switch the theme color to blue, red or yellow, but it just doesn’t work. the default is green color theme.

    primary = "red" //I do change this to blue, yellow or green.
    accent  = "teal"

what could be the issue?

Hi – I created a new dummy site to test this. I was able to update primary as below and the theme turned green:

  primary = "green"

We need more info from you in order to troubleshoot. When you run hugo server, does it output any errors?

The theme you’re using is from our friend @digitalcraftsman. Why don’t you ask him the question? He’s always very supportive and of great help. As @zwbetz said: It works. So there might be some kind of error in your setup.

Hi @zwbetz @Leo_Merkel

Oh yeah, it’s working fine actually when I tried it locally.


I didn’t mention, that I’m actually trying to dockerize and hosting it on AWS, this is the part it doesn’t work. Maybe there’s a mistake when I’m building the docker image and deploy it using k8s.

Thanks guys for your help!

It’s also working when I dockerize it, but the color theme is always green. just wondering why…