Want to make changes to Hugo-Sam

Hey lovely community,

I’am totally overwhelmed about Hugo - and the theme “Sam” works really fine with netlify.

I want to change the font and the backgroundcolor, but since some days I get stucked. I have no idea where I can put in a link to googlefont, and when I want to change the backgroundcolor the sass files doesn’t seem to work. I was helping me to change the background color in the head of my index.html file, but that’s not the best way, because one idea is: when you refresh the website: backgroundcolor, font, and font-color is changing. So I would be totally grateful if anyone is giving me a hint how to solve this.
here is my github:

Thank you :slight_smile:

It kinda looks like you got your background-color issue sorted. Do you still need to import a different font?

(sidenote: there is no need to add the folder resources to your repo. that was done a while ago because netlify did do some weird stuff with Hugo extended, but that is solved. You need to update the “build image” in your settings at netlify > Settings > Build & Deploy > Build Image. Set it to 16.04 or higher and all is well.)

Hey Patrick,

thank you for your answer and for tipp with the resource folder. Thanks. I haven’t solved the rpoblem with the font and the background color is just working at the first page (so I could do it in every html page in the , but I guess there is an easier way)
I would be glad, if you can help me out.

So when I just change the background-color (or font) in the vars.sass nothing is changing (here it should be the ugly blue, but it’s still grey except of the red one I was changing directly in the html)

When I load your page it comes up with a dark bordeaux redish color. That’s why I was thinking…

WIthout seeing your repository I can’t help much. What we need to verify is if those sass files are creating a stylesheet on Hugo or if you need to run some script to compile your stylesheet into the static directory and then being used.

The file from your screenshot is by the way the right location to put your @import line that google fonts gives you for the font. But here too - we don’t know if SASS is compiled when you run hugo.

I remember that theme but I don’t think the sass files were used in it.

Hey Patrick,
here is my respo, it’s public:

How do I verify my sass files if they are creating a stylesheet?
Thank you :slight_smile: