Theme color configuration not working

For a basic resume page, I’m trying out hugo-devresume-theme.

Everything is working fine, except for color customization.

The theme’s config.toml contains

    primaryColor = "#54B689"

which is referenced in themes/hugo-devresume-theme/assets/scss/devresume.scss:

$theme-color-primary: {{ .Site.Params.primaryColor | default "#54B689" }};

This suggests that I can change the primary color by setting a different value in config.toml.

My problem is that changing primaryColor in config.toml has no effect on the generated CSS file public/assets/css/devresume.min.[...].css (I ran hugo server after I made the change).

Interestingly, when I change default #54B689 in devresume.scss to default #FF0000 there is still no change in the output.

I noticed that 54B689 is always present in these two files, no matter was is configured in config.toml or in devresume.scss.


Is this a bug in the theme or am I missing something about Hugo’s inner workings?

Which version of Hugo are you using? Type hugo version.

hugo v0.82.1-60618210 darwin/amd64 BuildDate=2021-04-20T11:02:50Z VendorInfo=gohugoio

Uninstall, and reinstall the extended version.

Thanks, I might try that.

Although since I’m planning to publish via Gitlab Pages which doesn’t use the extended version by default I might use a workaround (custom CSS assets) instead.

It’s a bit confusing that there are two version of Hugo.

I agree. You need the extended version to (a) transpile SASS to CSS and (b) decode/encode WebP images (this will be available in the next release).