How to change the primary color in hugo serif theme

Hi to all the community.
I´m new working with Hugo and I´m building a new website using hugo serif theme. I´m trying to change the primary color of the theme from blue to violet, and when I go to /hugo-serif-theme/scss/_bootstrap-variables.scss. and change the primary color variable, it doesn´t change anything. What I´m doing wrong?

Are you using the latest Hugo version? The Serif Theme is using Hugo’s Asset Pipeline which was introduced with 0.43 - and it needs the extended version. I just checked the theme and it’s working.

Hope this helps.

This is in the version I´m using right now:
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.53-8FC339DC2529FF77E494A1C12CD1FF9FBCB880A4 windows/amd64 BuildDate: 2018-12-24T08:26:16Z

That’s the latest - should work. I’m using the same and tested the Theme. So might be something in your setup.

@marcosluis2186 Per your version above, I don’t think you’re using the extended version, but that’s what you need.

Oh ya, @zwbetz is right - overlooked that you’re on Windows and not using the extended version. Sorry.

So, Do I need to develop my website on Linux to work with the last version? No problem, then. Thanks for the quick response.

No. Just download the Windows Extended version from

It’ll be named


Ok. I will do it now. Thanks again.

@zwbetz @Leo_Merkel I´ve done what you said and it worked perfectly. Yes, I need the extended version to work on all these changes. Thanks again for the quick response. Please, let me know how I could help you in the near future.

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Am glad you got things working :+1:

Feel free to help us answer questions on this forum :wink:

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Yes, that will be my way to give back.