How about an IRC channel?

Just discovered this, was wishing for an IRC channel myself, Slack does just fine. :slight_smile:

@spf13 Invite please: kartiksinghal at gmail

Could you please add me? My email is tdemachi at gmail dot com

Kindly send me an invite at ( yasoob.khld @ gmail . com )

Real-time communication is nearly always a great option in my book. voxadam[at]gmail

I’m considering setting up for it. What do others think. No registration, just sign in with GitHub.

spf13 writes:

I’m considering setting up for it. What do others
think. No registration, just sign in with GitHub.

Well, I’ve github account and would probably use it, but considering
that I use regular IRC (mostly @Freenode) and hang on few channels,
having regular IRC channell is preferable option for me, especially
considering one can use specialized IRC client - Hexchat - in my case -
which provides nice notifcations etc. on my GNOME system.


It’d be simpler than the current route. Sending a PM to get invited works for low volumes. Won’t scale very well, though.

gour, Slack allows connections via irc.

Can you please send an invite to

Invite sent.

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Same, can I ask for invite?

Can I also get an invite? jamie.d.foster at gmail

@NHOrus need your email address to invite (cannot see it in your profile)

@jamie invite sent

jy6x2b32pie9 at

And thanks.


One of my colleagues got me a challenge to integrate his online form with Slack. Since Ruby is currently the language I’m most familiar with, I accepted the challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m planning to port this in go (to keep up with the theme of the whole app). I wanted to show it now in case anyone thinks this is useful and would like to implement it for the hugo project. Maybe we can have a page somewhere that will accept signups and then auto-add them to our slack group?

Wordpress also has an automated signup process, I’m not sure if they open sourced it or not though. Probably written in PHP though :stuck_out_tongue:

We are experimenting with Gitter. It doesn’t require approval. Anyone with a github account can easily join a room.

Join the conversation at

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I looked on IRC first, it is the first place you look for interactively being able to chat with folks. And has been for decades. has a beta IRC gateway solution, which keeps this kind of thing off the browser and in your IRC client. Slack has an IRC client as well, but with the ‘invite’ mechanism, I would suppose that is a bit of overhead for the project leads.

Can I have an invite?