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Hi community,

I’m new to hugo, as I just switched my blog from blogofile to hugo, and as I had a question for which I couldn’t figure out whether there was an answer on discuss or in the doc, first thing I did was to look for an IRC channel. And there was none… Then I looked at the discussion about chatting, and found out the thread “How about an IRC Channel?”.

That thread ended up with the creation of a gitter for development related questions, but none for community related chatter. So, as I believe having more spaces for discussion never hurts (even if it’s to say RTFM and what FM to R), I have registered ##hugo on, which is explicitely an unofficial channel, so for non-development discussions :slight_smile:

So I hope I’m not disrupting anything in doing so, and I hope other seasoned IRC users that are part of the hugo community will join.

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Great initiative, zmo! I’ve joined the channel now :slightly_smiling_face:

The forums are good but IRC is a very good complement!

I used to use IRC a lot in the past. But nowadays I prefer Matrix, for example. Among other things, because of the recording of the conversation history, so you do not need a bouncer like ZNC. Or because of the E2EE.

Edit: I just realized that this thread is already a few years old.

Still laughing about that post before yours :stuck_out_tongue: