Discussion board goes SSL

I’ve enabled SSL for the discussion board for GoHugo. If you have any issues with it, ping me on the board, or gitter or twitter.


Do you happen to know of a way to allow both http and https traffic? I don’t see a way to set the base url to more than one URL. Thanks much!

This seems as good a place as any, but @spf13, have you ever considered a slack/team for Hugo as well? Might be a bit redundant, but I’m a fan of the immediate feedback something like Slack can provide. Thoughts?

They tried it, but I think they didn’t like the way you have to manually invite everyone (some decent invitation-apps have since been written but…), so they went with Gitter:

I couldn’t find a better place to post this: https://irc.gitter.im | Gitter IRC bridge, a cool thing.