How about an IRC channel?

Would it be useful to have an IRC channel for Hugo? Or is there one?

It may be that the community isn’t large enough yet to support one, but it could be helpful in a variety of ways, including allowing contributors that want to collaborate or coordinate work to do so easier.

The community is too small, I think-- allthough I have seen smaller communities with well functioning channels.

IRC IS a great way to continue a discussion from Github.

But people expect it to be occupied with people “in the know” 24/7. If you had a BIG disclaimer on it that this wasn’t the case, then yes, maybe.

I agree with @bjornerik . Personally I work best with asynchronous communication. Forums work well because they are always here and people can search on them. You don’t need the “core group” online to answer questions constantly.

I’d 100% support having a scheduled chat where we can interactively discuss things… Say 1x a month or something.


+1 to the scheduled chat

Given the community size and the fact that everyone has other priorities, I wouldn’t expect that people would be hanging out in a Hugo channel at all times and wasn’t suggesting that it would be a channel with a “core group” hanging out. I agree with @bjornerik that a big disclaimer would be needed and point people to this forum.

I was mainly thinking in terms of having a venue for contributers to discuss interactively things for which interactive discussions can be beneficial when those situations occur. One such example is continueing discussions from Github, as @bjornerik pointed out.

I would also expect that, as the community grows, the channel usage would grow too with its final usage being a reflection of the community.

The suggestion of a scheduled chat is a great one and a channel allows for a convenient venue for such chats to occur; allowing whoever wanted to participate to join.

Maybe a hugo-dev channel would help make it clear its for development. Just thinking out loud.

I’ve setup a Slack group for this.

I’ve sent invites to everyone on this thread, and will make you all admins on it once you sign up.

Slack over IRC because I feel like it’s more accessible and can serve the greatest audience.


Three cheers for Slack!, I also use hugo as my favorite blog. So send me an invite too.

Slack, even better!

If anyone wants an invite just ask. I’ll make a bunch of people owners/admins so anyone can bring people in.

I’d love to participate in the chat :slight_smile: I’m planning on hacking on hugo for some golang experience, so some pointers (that are too much of a ping-pong for the forums) from others on chat would be great.

My email is tristan dot gomez at

Just sent you an invite.

I can join in with Slack: austin at zieglers dot ca.

Thanks for doing this!

Looking for an invite -

I’d like an invite too - first name at last name dot com (Dan Hersam)

Please, do send me an invite too at fabio AT locati DOT cc. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Can you send me an invite too in the same time ?

Could you please send me an invite too? :slight_smile: Many thanks!

Looking for an invite too: :slight_smile:

Would you add me? e-mail is henderson dot michael dot d @ gmail dot com. Thanks, Mike