Is there a reason why there is no official IRC channel?

Is there a reason why there is not official IRC channel for Hugo? Would be nice to have a place to chat about hugo and get support and give support 24/7.

We’re not staffed to do support 24/7. You could argue that an IRC channel could somehow be self-supportive, but if you mark it as official we need to moderate it to make sure it does not turn into a “bomb making” (or something else illegal) forum.

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Maybe its time to put down the meth pipe eh? The idea that you need to moderate it 24/7 because its “official” is ridiculous. Give a handful of trusted people OPs and they’ll be in and out. The official Debian channel works without “official” moderators in them them 24/7, as does the #jekyll channel, as does the #ubuntu channel and countless other channels. Besides if a channel gets abusive there are always freenode network ops. Relax, you don’t have to micromanage everyone. It will be okay.

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It’s things like these that are not editable on IRC. Here they are. I see you already tried the edit button. You also get support for Hugo here, 24/7. No need for another place to check if a question was already asked.

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And there is already a semi-abandoned chan on

No need for another place to check if a question was already asked.

100% agree.

Sounds like you don’t know what IRC is or how it works.

Wonder why its semi abandoned? Could it be that its on crappy gitter and not standard IRC? Could it be that its not displayed in the documentation anywhere? Or could it be that it says the channel is for devs and not support? I’ve never seen a project so actively hostile towards its own user base before. And thinks they might want to use the projects official IRC channel to make bombs or sell drugs or some other nefarious activity. Thats the craziest thing I ever read on a forum. And also, especially since setting up an IRC channel costs nothing, and takes no effort to mention it on the site. So people could talk about hugo in real time…like they do almost EVERY other open source project in the world. Really bizarre…

Good point. That explains a lot with the no IRC at all costs policy of the project. After all, they think they’re users might use the channel as a forum for bomb making!

You’re wrong. This was about your comment.
And thanks for confirming my point :slight_smile:

I’m not the one with schizophrenic paranoia about my users and what they might do if god forbid they get a chance to talk in real time without daddy moderator being there to monitor everything 24/7

There is a lot to talk about sentences starting with a negation …

Locking now.


@fingergun I think you underestimate the manpower of this project.