Holiday house website: which services to be provided?

Dear friends,

I’ve almost successfully completed the website of my to be holiday house. So far I’ve been using only AirBnb but from the next year I’d live to empower the whole thing using a website and accepting requests for the rent also via website.

My site is based on github+netlify.

Do you have any clue or suggestion or (better) some example to be inspired by to implement a calendar and a javascript system to request availability?

As far as I remember Airbnb allows to export externally the calendar with bookings.

Thank you for any help to come :slight_smile:

When we had only one tent to rent we used to use

It is cheap and quite efficient for small number of properties to rent.
We Switch to a more sophisticated systèm then.

But there is ICS synchro and you Can use some free widget as a test

You Can check if It suits your needs.


Thank you for your answer!

I’ll look into it